Eemax Program Supports Contractors, Bringing Innovations to Market

Eemax is the #1 supplier of tankless water heater solutions. For over 20 years the company has offered energy efficient, on demand hot water heaters for commercial applications, residential homes, and industrial safety applications.

Eemax knows that contractors are the pulse of their business and wanted to support their efforts with an incentive every time they purchased an Eemax water heater from an authorized distributor. “As we continue to expand our tankless water heater innovation offerings, our contractor partners are critical to our success,” said Kevin Ruppelt, Eemax president and CEO. “We want to reward contractors for helping us bring Eemax products to market by offering generous revenue.”

Programmers at MarketNet, a division of Interline Creative Group, designed the Web-based portal for Eemax’s incentive program, and its sales support and fulfillment team administers the program.This enables contractors to receive cash for selling specific Eemax products. Participants e-mail, fax or mail their sales information to MarketNet, which compiles it according to Eemax’s specifications, and then issues incentive checks based on earned rewards.

MarketNet simplified the process making it pain free for contractors to participate and increase their earnings and allowing Eemax to bring their innovations to market.

Maintaining Parameters of Fulfillment Within Budget

Eemax, a supplier of tankless water heater solutions, knows that every sale begins with an inquiry. Eemax approached Interline Creative Group/MarketNet to help with the “backroom” details of lead fulfillment and management so they could focus on attracting and closing sales prospects. In addition to managing the process of sending a personalized response package to Eemax’s prospect, Interline managed the printing of the corresponding materials needed to remain with the set budget.

MarketNet not only fulfills Eemax’s leads, but prints the literature on demand, which saves time, money and inventory stocking costs. Each lead from a representative or customer is processed and fulfilled within an industry-leading short period of time. Literature is sent in a timely, efficient and appropriate manner when it is needed and wanted most.

MarketNet works with Eemax frequently to examine usage and evaluate printing demands of literature,  to determine the appropriate literature to be sent.  These efforts save time, money and production costs — keeping all required activities with budget restraints.

Rewards Spiff Program Enrollment

As a facilitator of the Eemax™ contractor spiff program, Interline Creative Group was tasked to create a proper means for communication and enrollment. Interline’s exceptional creative team and web developers created a site where users could view the rules and requirements and enroll in the program.  In addition, Interline handles the spiff submissions and provides the disbursement to the participating contractors.

Rewards Spiff Program Announcement

An organized spiff program provides benefits to both manufacturers and channel partners and strengthens the channel partner relationship.

As a facilitator of the Eemax contractor spiff program, Interline Creative Group created a wealth of supportive materials such as the program summary and enrollment form. Interline Creative Group’s creative team designed effective tools, supporting their sales efforts and program requirements. In addition, Interline handles the spiff submissions and provides the disbursement to the participating contractors.

Product Specification Guide

A product catalog is not just a collection of creative, colorful pages that give customers an overall idea of the product or service. Interline Creative Group’s advertising creative team looked for the suitable best concepts that show the principles of Eemax and its products. The Interline catalog design for Eemax plays an important role in branding as well as grooming in corporate image building.


Established in 1988, Eemax is the #1 supplier of residential, commercial and industrial tankless water heaters. Eemax products are recognized for their environmental friendliness and energy-efficiency.