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Jim has been a business strategist, speaker, and author since starting his company in 1990. His business experience, along with his dynamic presentation style, is a key reason why companies utilize his firm for marketing and marketing communications. His courses have helped business professionals by using real-life situations to help attendees maximize their experiences and develop new skills required in today’s business climate. In his eight recently published Survival Guides which are available from Interline (guides.interlinegroup.com), Jim provides a comprehensive strategic platform that helps transform management teams using proven basics of marketing and advertising.

Jim has presented at a variety of events including KBIS (Kitchen & Bath Industry Show), American Licensed Architects, Automotive Communication Council. His articles have also been published in magazines such as Electrical Wholesaler, Quarks Marketing Research Review, Contractor, TED (The Electrical Distributor), Countertops & Architectural Surfaces and more.

If you would like Jim to present at one of your events please complete the form below and we will contact you right away. If you would like to talk with someone please call 847-358-4848 and ask for Bernie Hewlett, Sue Alt or Jim Nowakowski or e-mail bernie@interlinegroup.com.

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