Product Representation Smooths Introduction into U.S. Market

When OS&B, Canada’s largest manufacturer and distributor of Waste & Overflows, Traps, Lavatory Drains, Tubular Brass Fittings and various other plumbing parts, was looking to establish business in the U.S., they contacted Marketing Representative LLC (MRL), a sales division of Interline Creative Group, to help develop sales in the Midwest as a rep/distributor capacity.

After careful consideration, blending MRL’s staff’s familiarity and experience in the sale of plumbing products and sales promotion with OS&B’s reputation and need for marketing penetration, a partnership was developed to extend sales and stocking representation.  MRL/Interline developed a targeted representative strategy that would introduce OS&B to the U.S. market featuring its unique product line benefits for consumers.

As an active product representative for OS&B in the Midwest, MRL actively partners with OS&B in trade show participation, active sales calls, market penetration, sales training, product promotion and product assessment. In addition, MRL stocks popular OS&B products for immediate shipment. Positive results are garnered from these activities, such as establishing an active presence and an increase of sales  in the territory and MRL’s venture with OS&B has proven successful in the Midwest with plans to expand further.


OS&B is a leading manufacturer and distributor of plumbing products. Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, OS&B specializes in overflows, traps, lavatory drains, tubular brass fittings, and various other plumbing parts.