Manufacturers Build Loyalty with Customer Reward Program

Manufacturers in the commercial and industrial marketplaces, who sell their products through contractors and distributors, are always seeking ways to build stronger relationships with these partners. Competition for these sales can be fierce, however, and contractors and distributors are courted by numerous manufacturers who want to influence their product purchases.

Understanding that incentives could be a key component in swaying product purchase decisions and forging long-term loyalty, MarketNet Associates, a division of Interline Creative Group, developed the Value Alliance Club (VAC). The VAC is an incentive program in which contractors and distributors earn points for selling specially designated products from sponsoring manufacturers. Points could be compiled and redeemed for a wealth of rewards, including airline tickets, televisions, and bicycles, among many other items. MarketNet compiles the points, which it then supplies to an incentive company. Individual VAC participants redeem their points with the incentive company.

MarketNet’s development and professional management of VAC eventually has resulted in the participation of more than 3,500 contractors and distributors for its originating manufacturer partner. Participating contractors and distributors have thus far redeemed more than 110 million points. This translates to a sizeable dollar value of products sold on behalf of the program’s originating manufacturer and others who have taken advantage of the VAC program. Upon hearing of MarketNet’s success in promoting its initial manufacturer partner, other manufacturers were easily convinced to participate in VAC.

Sloan Valve

Sloan Valve Company is a privately owned American company specializing in plumbing valves and fixtures.