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Designed for the self-motivated advocate with an interest in state and federal legislation, BillTrack50 provides free and paid services with its versatile online tool. Advocates and organizations can track bills and share important legislation on their websites, raising awareness about the causes that matter most.

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Raising Awareness Through Effective PR

BillTrack50, an online software tool designed for the grassroots advocate, wanted to raise awareness of their business and software among the media and potential customers. BillTrack50 is competing with several larger legislative software companies, all with wide brand recognition. Interline’s and BillTrack50’s goal was to connect with new prospects, provide information, generate interest, and encourage not-for-profits, associations, and businesses to sign up for a free trial of the software.

Interline began with a coordinated PR strategy that focused on specific topics and industries. Since the BillTrack50 platform is extremely versatile and useful to a wide range of groups, a targeted strategy was necessary. Interline wrote custom pieces tailored to relevant industries, such as healthcare, education, water associations, environmental groups and more.

BillTrack50 also had prior customers that they wanted to follow up with. Interline contacted these customers by phone and email, gauging their interest for renewing their free trial. The results of Interline’s outreach were extensively documented, making it easy for the client to know who to contact.

Currently BillTrack50’s name and message has reached thousands of news reporters, resulting in contacts and leads for Interline and the client to pursue. Interline was contacted directly by new prospects, and the client was excited to see BillTrack50 beginning to appear in various news outlets.