Difficult Target Audience Reached With Two-Step Contact Program


A major publisher asked Interline to assist them with the design and implementation of a corporate account rep appointment program for an advertiser. The advertiser was looking for  outside assistance to reach senior real estate/construction executives of Fortune 1000 companies responsible for making decisions on the design and construction of multiple location facilities across the U.S and/or globally. These would be dormant or inactive corporate accounts of companies that they were not able to penetrate using internal resources. They wanted to set-up a 60 minute face to face meeting with key decision makers to help create a preference for utilizing their building systems.


Because it is getting more and more difficult to reach top level executives Interline recommended starting the corporate appointment program with a customized personal letter to the real estate executive followed by a follow-up phone call to schedule a meeting on their behalf. Starting with an inactive corporate accounts list, Interline was able to work with the publisher to append contact information for senior executives from the magazine subscription file. Custom letters were sent via mail to over 400 real estate executives of large Fortune 1000 companies. The letter introduced the client and requested a one-on-one meeting to discuss design, management and service capabilities. To facilitate the calling and appointment setting, Interline built a sophisticated on-line appointment setting system allowing multiple callers access to the prospect file. The companies and contacts were loaded into the system by the assigned corporate account manager.  Interline’s custom appointment system was designed to easily track the status of a lead by rep contact, company or location and to coordinate appointment dates/times.


Reaching senior level executives of Fortune 1000 firms is extremely difficult. After over 3400 calls/emails, Interline was able to talk with 30% of the Fortune 1000 companies on the target list. In addition, Interline was able to set appointments for 15% of the companies we were able to reach—large global companies like Alliant Energy, Steelcase and Safeway. The client was provided with an updated list of companies and contacts that Interline was unable to reach after repeated contacts. The contact information can be used for their future communication. A two-step contact programs like the appointment setting program often is the most successful way to connect with a difficult audience to reach.