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Incorporated in 2000, First Choice Building Products, Inc. has been manufacturing quality door hardware for OEM and Contract Hardware market segments for the last 20 years.

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Access8™ Testimonial Ads

You’re a player in the panic device market, but it’s really a crowded market. So crowded that your products are often looked upon as commodities. COVID-19 hits and puts pressure on all major markets, not just yours. Your installed base shuts down (commercial and industrial buildings) and things go on lockdown. What should you do?

After contacting Interline Creative Group, Inc. through a referral and winning the client’s business, First Choice Building Products said the magic word: advertising. Prior to our engagement, the company had not advertised in trade publications or anywhere else. Their business – largely OEM – was built on a solid foundation – a foundation now shaken like all foundations from the effects of COVID-19.
Interline recommended Testimonial Ads around their new product, Access8™ — an eight-door controller that was quick and easy to install and manage – the perfect product for locksmiths and integrators throughout the country who were now, because of the virus, experiencing sharp upticks in the need for security. In fact, Interline had just produced a series of articles called Navigating Sales and Marketing During COVID-19, and one of those articles was centered on security.
The client provided integrators and locksmiths who were using the product, and Interline interviewed, prepared the testimonial copy and layouts for a campaign to run in the major trade publications in the market. In addition, Interline recommended their reverse IP lookup Code to be placed on the client’s website – to monitor visitors who would hit the site and follow up with sales.

Using lead generation and prepared lists from their proprietary databases, Interline created a steady stream of business opportunities for the client’s sales efforts. This resulted in unique opportunities for not only the Access8 product, but the client’s Complete Exit Devices core business. It also promoted their sister company – Accountability Information Management, Inc. – to produce a comprehensive report on door hardware: Uncovering Opportunities for Door Hardware Through Specification Analysis.

First Choice Access8™ Testimonial Ads