Jensen Hughes

Since 1939, Jensen Hughes, a safety/security consulting engineering firm, has been at the leading edge when it comes to thinking about safety, security and risk-based engineering and consulting to serve the most complex global projects.

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Jensen Hughes

Market Savvy Writers Bring Customer Stories to Life

Jensen Hughes, a worldwide leader in fire protection and security consulting, wanted to spread the word regarding its expertise in select market segments. Specifically, Jensen Hughes needed professionally written stories about projects that would showcase its capabilities and professional services and could then be used for internal and external communications.

Charging the task to Interline Creative Group, Jensen Hughes designated projects at buildings and sites around the world that best illustrate its skills. Interline Creative Group writers conducted phone interviews with Jensen Hughes project managers responsible for these projects. Interline writers, who have extensive knowledge about the fire protection market and regularly interview industry professionals, sorted through the technical information to find the crux of each story.  Writers then developed case histories that concisely summed up the scope of each project with an engaging approach, while translating industry jargon and technical specifications into layman’s terms. In so doing, Interline aptly demonstrated the full array of Jensen Hughes’ capabilities. Interline’s graphic designers then created a set template for these case histories to give them a professional, uniform look for print or Web publication.

Interline has produced more than 50 case histories, ranging from ongoing renovation work on the U.S. Capitol to an innovative sprinkler configuration for a grocery store chain’s distribution center. The completed case histories form a comprehensive portfolio of information regarding the breadth of its talents and success with a variety of structural challenges.