Internet: Business Media versus Social Media

The term “social media” has become part of vocabulary. But, “social” is actually true of anyone on the Internet. The word “social” is an adjective modifying the noun “media.” If the adjective is changed, the modification is changed. Therefore, “business media” can also be applied to the Internet. The power of the Internet is that it can be “shaped” into different things – but the underlying essence of the Internet is that it is a communications media that can be used socially or for business.

For example, a recent survey Interline conducted found many designers and architects complaining that their clients and prospects were “…shopping on the Internet from sites that don’t have a brick and mortar store and want pricing matched. Pricing is cheaper online. We can’t do it!” These designers viewed the Internet as a competitor, which it is if you always buy just on price. But, you are in the service business. What you sell is never just about price! So, how does a prospect compare services between you and your competitor?

Think of how the Internet has changed your thirst for information and how you find it. Now ask: What do you do with all the information? Quite honestly, you drown! That’s why the best advice to offer a business, such as yours, is to grab hold of the Internet. Do NOT let it grab hold of you. Do you need a website? Absolutely. Do you need it optimized? Absolutely.

You have to realize that Google reads EVERYTHING! Then, Google serves up what it has digested based on “searches” people plug into it.

Therefore, the more content you give Google to read, the more chances you have of being found when people ask for what you are selling!

Gensler’s website, for example, has at this writing 4,370 pages. Another competitor firm – HOK – has 2,120. Who has a better chance of being on page one in a Google search for “best architectural firms for global design?”

Content is the key and your business is actually a media outlet. That’s right! You are competing with WSJ!