Juno Lighting Group

Since 1976, Juno Lighting Group has been designing and engineering quality commercial and residential lighting fixtures. As a leader in lighting manufacturing, Juno’s products are built to exacting standards of quality and performance. Juno Lighting Group is a unit of Acuity Brands.

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Interline Creative Staff “Lights Up” New Ads

Juno Lighting Group, an Acuity Brands Company, has its own creative department, but the design team is often overloaded with other work. Juno turned to Interline to complete a number of print ads for placement in various magazines. The advertisements were for their Aculux®, Indy™, Acculite™ and Juno® lighting fixtures.

Interline followed Juno’s corporate guidelines down to the last detail, producing ads that utilized an innovative new strategy. In addition to the larger main image and creative concept that took up the majority of the page, descriptions and images of Juno’s products bordered the page and gave the reader additional detail about individual products in the family. These ads delivered more information to the audience in an innovative way.

Juno was thrilled with the new design, and the response the ads generated. The strategy of bordering the main ad with information on related products resulted in more specific requests for information. Interline continues to assist Juno in advertising, and has created full-page ads, spread ads, and works with Juno on a number of other creative projects.