Juno Lighting Group

Since 1976, Juno Lighting Group has been designing and engineering quality commercial and residential lighting fixtures. As a leader in lighting manufacturing, Juno’s products are built to exacting standards of quality and performance. Juno Lighting Group is a unit of Acuity Brands.

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Media Planning Using Sound Data Analysis

Like many of Interline’s clients, Juno Lighting Group, an Acuity Brands Company, had a need for media planning. Juno requested help with determining which magazines to advertise in to target their audience of architects, facility owners and contractors. Due to limited time and the need to focus on other tasks, Juno relied on Interline to conduct the detailed research needed to implement a profitable advertising strategy.

The media experts at Interline reviewed hundreds of potential magazines in order to develop a media planning strategy for Juno. With an accurate idea of Juno’s audience and the customers they wanted to target, Interline called, interviewed and researched magazines, gleaning thorough and unduplicated information on readership, each magazine’s likely audience, and ensuring that each publication up for consideration was BPA audited. Interline ran a detailed analysis of the responses generated for Juno during past print advertising campaigns, and assessed the strength and weakness of each particular publication in regards to Juno’s objectives.

Interline’s media planning strategy resulted in a recommendation for print advertising, which allowed  Juno to advertise successfully in three magazines, two of which included targeted ad buys in LDNA and Light Directory. Juno was impressed with the responses their ads received from placement in the magazines, and the quantity and quality of the leads that came in. Interline continues to provide media planning services to Juno.