Checklist for Successful Direct Mail

Here are 10 rules to make sure that your direct mail execution achieves success.

  1. Make the envelope inviting to open. It’s the first thing people see, so make sure your opener is exciting!
  2. Make sure everything is easy to read. Readability – or lack of readability – is often the single most determining factor to whether a direct mail effort works or not. Remember that it isn’t the amount of copy that’s important. It’s whether the amount fits the purpose, and can be read to begin with!
  3. Write everything with the benefits to your audience in mind. In fact, develop everything with your audience’s benefit in mind. Don’t tell them how great you are. Instead, tell them how you will make their homes beautiful with your greatness!
  4. Add credibility to your offer. Credibility comes in the form of testimonials from your other clients, personal guarantees for your work, and so on.
  5. Add drama to your presentation. Let your direct mail effort portray your passion for your business!
  6. Ask for the order – often. In your case, ask for the consultation… the interview…the audit… whatever you are offering. Don’t assume just because you said it once, people will remember it!
  7. Make it easy to respond. Provide your telephone, email, fax, physical address, whatever.
  8. Edit, edit, edit! Re-reading after you put it aside for a day can often help you add just the amount of spin you need to bring about extra excitement. Becoming too close to something narrows our vision.
  9. Get to the point in your first paragraph. People are busy, so let them know what you want them to know right away.
  10. Take the time to make sure you follow these rules. Time is money, which means money is time. Despite what people say, multi- tasking is an illusion. You can only do one thing at a time. So, if you do direct mail, put your effort INTO direct mail, and don’t be distracted! Good Luck!