Internet: Interconnected Networks

The Internet is a lot of computer networks that are interconnected. These networks use Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) to connect themselves to each other. But telephones are a network, too. So are television sets. And radios. And your followers on Twitter. Each of these “networks” uses different protocols and equipment (please don’t forget the equipment) to connect. Connect what?

People! In fact, your family is a network, a kind of Internet. Your entire body, being a network of nerves, fibers, muscles, etc., is connected to other bodies by “being in the same space.” So, the Internet is just a bunch of connections allowing people to do one thing: communicate with other people.

The topic of the Internet is approached a little differently in this Survival Guide section with a question: why did it happen? Or, put another way, “what’s the big deal for my business?”

Let’s propose, in order for you to understand exactly how powerful this medium really is and how it can help you market yourself and your business, that you find out what the Internet is on your own. Go do your homework!